Monday, September 29, 2008

No Quiter

I'm not quit from this business. I analyze the chart for my own trades. I just stop posting here unless some of you still want me posting. I'm not an english lecture graduate nor an english course student. Posting on english makes me a bit dizzy, the reason I did that is because I want it readable to the global readers. I just wanna let my mind freed up.

If you all traders still want me posting here just let me know, I'll give all my best.

Best Regards,

Forex Knight

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Away From Pressure

Hello folks, I need some break from posting here for a while. I hope the link that I gave in the last post can help You trade well.

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Forex Knight

Friday, August 22, 2008

No forecast today but I had a good link that maybe can help you to enter the market. This some kinda polling data,  good data so far. Here is the link,

Wish You All The Best,

Forex Knight

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Kinda difficult to predict see some bias down here, looks like cable were quarantine here inside 1.8700-1.8500 both are support and resistance. Break these level could give some clear direction.
Based on pattern shows up these days he have more possibility to go down. The down bias will increse if the price not break the 1.8700 level when the time Retail Sales data released.

Have a Faith and Happy Trending,

Forex Knight


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Stoch533 is up, double bottom and a hammer in D1 so the trend is up.
1.8800 looks like the limit for the upward. Should watch the MPC Meeting Minutes.

Have a Faith and Happy Trending,

Forex Knight

1.8800 is a fine limit

Friday, August 15, 2008

Finish Line

Still dont know where the finish line at, weekly range is almost the same with last week range above 600 points but still have some target according to Fibo Expansion to 1.8480 area. The only clue i have is Stochastic that shows a down trend. Todays strategy is take some pips according to this stochs for today and watch for a reversal.

Have a Nice Trades

Forex Knight

No Clues


Thursday, August 14, 2008


What can I say. 1221 points range? it's the biggest monthly range since 1992, 1.5 decade, a 15 years?! WOW. This is not usual range, could changing somebody's trading system.
The Greenback surge sterling too deep in the heart in a short time. Recover will be hard from this level. 2.0000?? maybe take months or years.
61% Fibo has been reached-some of Fibo expansion levels has been touched-over the multy month years-but its not easy to see the bull right now. Sideways are my bias.
There are some target area still remains arround 1.8480 but some tools indicate oversold, just becareful to take some short.
Thats all folks.

Happy Trending,

Forex Knight

No Bias

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eyed 1.8800

Cable break the 50% Fibo and the Trendline on W1 and i guess he is heading to 1.8800 area now.
Correction above 1.9050 is possible. Go long is my favorite today.

Happy Trending,

Forex Knight

1.9050 is possible

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Trend is Down So Far

Breaking the 1.9000 will cause a serious problem to the sterling, pending order sell at 1.9000 looks nice with 30 pips SL. Otherwise if the 1.9050-1.9000 support area are guarded well, we should look for a long. Use Stoch533 on M15 TF to go long only if the support level are holds. So far the trend is down.

Happy Trending,


down down down

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bringing Back The Good Shape (Bear Vs Bull)

Long rally and entering pitstop 2 times only result a long full candle at W1 TF and cause sloppy W1 wave so i guess he need to bringing back W1 wave in a good shape before he continue rallying down.
The 100% Fibo Expansion already reached, thouched the 50% Fibo Retracement this morning and also the trendline  so cable have enough reason to bounce back to 1.9500 area. But...he also have one full sticky W1 bear candle that indicate strong down trend and usually proceed with another bear candle.
This is so called BearVsBull.
Cable have some supports need to guard to realease the bull, they are in 1.9100-1.9000 area. The first one is 1.9050 and the strongest one is 1.9000. The last one is the key to unlock the bear padlock gate. If he break the 1.9000 support, he have big possibility to create another W1 bear candle.
The strategy is looking for some nice place to go long this week only if the supports are well guarded.

Thats all Folks. Wish you all have nice trades this week.

Happy Trending,

Forex Knight

This Week Bias

Friday, August 08, 2008

Biggest Range

Its the biggest range since June-26-2006 and now cable running near monthly trendline support and 50% fibo. Hope u all had some nice shorts today.

Have a Nice Weekend,


Multi Month Low

After 7 month hanging around in 1.9800 area at last cable desided to go south, cable smacked down into 1.9270 and ranged 168 points. This is the lowest since March 2007.
The Room are already fulfilled and there is no room left on this week so i think its gonna sideway for a while. We'll see whats gonna happen on Europe session. I guess im gonna search some snacks today shorting.

have no clues

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Could be a bad time to take a trade around 1.9500, cable is oversold now and can pulled up back in any time. Usually makes some side ways price action before the price move up and side ways can makes some false signals.
Better dont take a trade untill supports clearly formated, in fact once i have some bad trades around 1.9500. I'm affraid it will be repeat again. Better step away but still he have some room for about 50 points lower.
I dont have a thought about the direction right now.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Testing 1.9500 Support Area

Leaving two trading days makes me loosing some big trades.I'v been out of the town.
Thanks to Ashley and Sav for the comment and visiting my blog.

to Ashley : sorry i gave the same joke to Sav :-D, i'll give another funny comments.
to Sav : absolutely, no jokes with the cross.

Back to the business.Lets see, the price drop more than 200 points since the last i saw the chart.
Now its range 238 points on weekly so its still have room for another 50-100 to the down stairs.
The price came back to multi times good support area in 1.9500 and trendline is also pointing that area so cable have probability bounce after reached 1.9500 area.
With this curve like in D1 chart, i dont have the clues where its gonna stop drowning. Unless some clear support arround 1.9500 showed up.

My favorite for today is going north

we'll see whats gonna happen in 1.9500 area

Friday, August 01, 2008


Sorry i to those who visiting my blog, i cant post my analysis today coz i'v been busy. Hope you all had a nice trades today, have a nice weekend.

Best Regards,

Forex Knight

Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Ordinary Trader

Another mispredict yesterday but glad there is no crossing by the EMA34.
Candlestick was play a trick on me and maybe to most traders. There was a hammer showed up yesterday on 4H TF but it doesnt go up after, well this is why forex market called the wildest market.
Today i saw cable is about to create an upside down-head and shoulder formation, you can see that on 1H TF. Stochastic doesnt cross yet on 4H TF so upward is my fave today.

Todays strategy:
-go long using EMA34 on 1H TF, take 50-100 pips profit and set 30 pips stoploss.
-if u loosing some momentum, take some snack using stoch533 at M15 TF just dont forget that the stoch533 at 4H TF already at the crossing border and dont forget to move the stoploss when the profit already run.

Happy Trades


really looks weightened

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I know im just an ordinary trader but a wrong prediction really shake my selfconfidence.
My expectation yesterday was wrong, thought that he gonna ran high to 2.0 before he drag lower but market says different.
I guess that i need to learn how to deal with, I guess all currency traders feel the same way.
The price looks clearly swinging on past couple days so i guess he would do the same today.
Cable could run higher than 1.9900 today so the strategy is looking for a good price to go long, using EMA34 or Stochs at 1H TF is okay, hunting small pips using stochs at M15 TF also okay.

Happy Trending


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hammer showed up in D1 TF and usually proceed with a bullish candle after, EMA34 was crossing yesterday so its a little bit chance to get another cross up by the EMAs so i suggest to go long using stochastic533 at 1H TF with the target at 2.0000, close the order when a crossing down showed up

resistance at 2.0

Monday, July 28, 2008


This is the last week of month, on the last 6 month the price always comes back to 1.9800 area so cable have possibility to do the same usual last 6 month thing go back to 1.9800 area in this last week of July.
Not easy to make some forecast today coz there is a nice curve showed on D1 TF and its looks weightened. I'll wait for todays price closed, if the price didn't break the last week low then i'll thing about an upward otherwise if he break the last week low then i'll think about a downward.
Closing at 1.9800 in the end of month still be my assumption, it looks nice to swing up to 2.0 area before he closed at 1.9800 area.

close at 1.9800 area?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Blurry Thought

Kinda blurry but i still wait for another crossing up by the EMA34.

just another thought

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Retail Sales shows bad number on forecast and German Ifo Business Climate Index shows a lowering, those forecast can drag cable lower by the greenback but technically cable still have possibility to break 2.0150 and touch the 2.0200 resistance.
Go long would be good only after a crossing down EMA34 showed.

Have a Nice Trade


possible to break the 2.0200 resistance

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feds Statement

Feds statement yesterday bring cable down to 1.9900 area and range 177 points. Looks like cable are on sideways for now waiting the MPC meeting minutes held this morning. Downward looks to be able to reach 1.9850-19800 area also as support area, the next downward should be hold on that are. 1.9900 looks to be a good position to go short but i should more do careful today.

Have a Nice Trade


waiting for MPC meeting minutes

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Testing Resistance

Buying still be my favorite. Some supports i saw at 1.9980 and 2.0 area, down to these level could start the upward to the 2.0100 area, if the price cant break the 2.0150 resistance it could be a fall to 1.9800 area. Ill will prepare my EMA34 for the entry.

Have a Nice Trades


testing some resistance

Monday, July 21, 2008

Re-Test the 2.0200

2.0200 resistance also as the third target has not been reached yet so i think cable are going to try testing the 2.0200 level again this week. If the price didnt break the 2.0150 level in this week it could be a fall to 1.9800 area at least.
Maybe i just wait and see today unless some velocity apprear together with EMA34 cross at 1H TF and buying are still be my interest.

Happy Trending


this week possibility

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Out of the Town

I guess im cant analyze the chart today.

Happy Trending


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Cross

It was a great cross yesterday at 1H TF, it push up the price more than 100 points from the cross to the 1.9860 area.
Buying sterlings still interesting to me, 2.0 looks like to be a good place to entry. Any retracement should be facing supports around 1.9915 and 1.9850 for further retrace.

Todays strategy:
-place pending order at 2.0003 and stop at 1.9970, take 50-100 pips profit. Close the order if the price run suspiciously.

Happy Trending


try to break the 2.0 level

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wait And See

I move out to a new house last week, so i cant posting normally on the last week.
An upward sign shows on the weekly candle formation, as long as the price not reach the 1.9700 support the upward will countinue try to break the 2.0200 resistance. I try to find some good price to buy on this week using EMA34 on 1 H TF.
Today im gonna wait and see whats gonna happen but still i pay attention to a nice cross by the EMA on 1H TF so i can go long.

Happy Trade


this week probability

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Suspicious W1 candle

Hangingman created if the price close above 1.9850 in the end of this week. I saw cable targeting 1.9910 area today so im gonna go long using EMA34 cross at M15 TF.

Happy Trending


well supported at 1.9700

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Get worse before they get better.....may improve by 2009"

Feds Yellen statement yesterday looks like made some over reacting by the traders. I dont have any presumption about continuing to buy sterlings today but any upward looks good to be resisted at 1.9800 and 1.9900 area. I should be more careful today. Maybe i should step away just like yesterday but it would be a good scenario if EMA 34 crossing up and then crossing again down maybe thats a good time to take a short and maybe i should take a part if only velocity occure. All of it are espect to be happens on 1 hour time frame. Shorting at 1.9700 would be nice but i wont take lots of profit if im doing that.

Have a Nice Trade


Monday, July 07, 2008

G8 Meeting

I dont know what rumours behind cable downward in this whole asian session, is it because of the G8 meeting?I dont have any clue yet but still i analize the technical.
Current price are in 1.9751 area and looks like its going south and more south but as long as 1.9700 support not broken, the uptrend will proceed to try break the 2.000 resistance.
I better step away from the market and just wait and see whats gonna happens till tomorrow but if there are some velocity showed around an upward then im gonna go long using EMA 34 at 1 H TF and close the order when the EMA lines crossed over again and open another order, a short one.

Happy Trending



Friday, July 04, 2008

Un-Spirited Week

I guess cable closed around 1.9825 area for this week so its range 211 points. The bullish will proceed on the next week unless 1.9700 is broken.

Have a Nice Weekend



Personally i felt lil bit tired or bored with this uptrend, but i should continue on focusing to the technical. Technically he had to go to 1.9770 area before continuing the uptrend and break the 2.000 support. It's more risky to take a short right now, probably i'll wait for the bounce after he touch some support arround 1.9770 area and enter the market using EMA34 at M15 TF or another case happens i would go long using EMA34 at 1H TF.

Happy Trade



Thursday, July 03, 2008

Super Thursday

ECB will release the Minimum Bid Rate today and NFP data follow later. Both data are negative for the Dollar but i still focusing on cable retrace to 1.9780 area. As long as 2.0 is hold i will looking for a nice place to go south. Still i use the EMA 34 crossing on1H TF to enter the market.

Have a Nice Trade


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


He could go higher to 2.0200 but he need to retrace first before he do that, i saw resistance at 2.0050, if he break this level then this bullish trend can be quite long for cable.
1.9900 looks good to be the entry position to shorting but i use EMA34 and EMA1 crossing at 1 H time frame and wait for a clear cross to enter.....if the EMAs not cross yet while the price go down near the 1.9900 then i'll pending my order there with the target 50-100 pips.


Friday, June 27, 2008

End of The Week

The bullish has been setup. Correction will be a good formation for the next week so i prepare to go short.

Have a Nice Weekend


Important Resistance

Important resistance are in 1.9935 and the second one is in the 1.9965 area.

The Bull Has Arrive

The Bull has arrive lets welcome him. Looks like the Oil whose unlock the bulls cage padlock. Oil was hit $140 yesterday so it smack down the Dollar to new lows againt majors.
On the Weekly time frame we can see double bottom confirming the bullish, each bottom has their own double bottom. The four bottom sat on their chair too long so they need to get up and take a walk for a while.
The room still have space for another 50-80 pips up so im gonna take a long today.

Todays strategy

-go long using LMA34 and LMA1 cross without stoploss if they create another cross then close the order and open a new one if they create another cross again then close the second order and open the third order to go long. take some 30-50 pips profit or just floating the order till 1.9965 area and close the order there. the second resistance is in 2.0012 area. just wait for a clear cross to enter, just after they crossed open the order right at the new candle. this strategy are for M 15 time frame.

all we can do in forex market is anticipate

happy trade :-)

Double Bottom on Each Bottom


Thursday, June 26, 2008

dont know exactly

I really dont know exactly why cable always come back and closed in 1.9800 area on the last 5 month and every body know he comes back again this month, is this because of the election?I hope someone can give me info. I think if he closed above 1.9800 in the end of  month it would open the bull cage. Still 1.9800 be a good resistance. As long as he didnt break that level i will search for a good place to shorting cable. I still use EMA 34 at 1 H TF to take the short. Resistance at 1.9780 and 1.9820. Any short would face resistance at 1.9650-1.9640 area.

Need some knowledge to use EMA 34, if any one need explanation please ask.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

more careful

should be more careful to trade on this week. first target was hit yesterday tho it wasnt a big one.
looks like the waves has been complete now it should go down technically but i saw some bad numbers on the US data comes later. i suggest not to take a trade today, just wait and see.
i need to mention that there is a good shape on D1 time frame, is it gonna go higher or create an M? i guess 1.9800 is the key.

if u have itchy trigger fingers, this strategy below can be a consideration
-take a short using MA34 at 1H time frame place 1.9703 as stoploss and 1.9600 as the target
-any upward should have some resistance at 1.9750-1.9780 area if these are holds then take a short at 1.9700 place 1.9753 as the stop, 1.9650 as first target or u can just floating it to 1.9550 area just after he down to 1.9650 area.
-wait for a clear cross.

have a nice trade


Complete Elliot

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Elliot Wave

looks like cable start to form another wave up, more risky today to take a trade. our achievement to collect 100 pips a week already completed yesterday. the next trades is bonus, if u have more courage then take a trade today but its better step away.

today strategy :
-go long using EMA34 and EMA 1 crossing on 1 hour time frame, wait for a clear cross to enter. maybe less than 20 minutes from now to cross over, take 1.9700 as the first target and 1.9730 as the second target. take 1.9625 as stoploss or if they create another cross then close the order and open a new one, a short one.

-if the EMA34 and EMA1 doesnt cross then take a short using EMA20 and EMA1 crossing, close the short if they create another crossing up. wait for a clear cross and dont take profit too much.

-trade only in or after 8 am Europe Time Zone

Monday, June 23, 2008

energy effieciency

today i experience another direct effect of the energy crisis. our state electricity enterprise have some policy related in this issue, they periodically shutdown electric supply in some area in rotasion and today is our turn to be shuted down. its about 6 hour we live in prehistory age once again.

enough for the chat and back to the business. as we expected cable go down today and our last strategy on last Friday was hit today which is short at 1.9700 and take 50-100 pips profit. no pictures today and see you tomorrow.

have a nice day

Friday, June 20, 2008

strategy update

its more risky to take a short right now. dont take the short at 1.9700 today better do thatnext week......if u still wanna take a short, use MA34 to entry.

Have a Nice Weekend

interesting day

Today could be interesting, the weekly range not more than 300 point so it have some room to going north and i still keep in mind that 1.9800 level is the upper limit (range vs resistance). i think 1.9760-1.9775 area are the limit for today.

Strategy of the day:
-go long using MA 34 crosing after 9 am (european time zone). take 1.9670 as stoploss, 1.9760 as first target and 1.9775 as a second target.
-after he reach 1.9760-1.9775 area set for short pending order in 1.9700 place 1.9753 as a stop and take 50-100 pips profit.
-if he reached 1.9800 and hold on that area for about half or an hour then bullish could be setup for next week. unless the chart create triple top at 1.9800 it would be drop down for cable and if this happened....we should take a short in 1.9700.

Happy Trade


Thursday, June 19, 2008

another thought

i have another thought this time........1.9500 maybe too far from current price but if the price go down to 1.9630 or even break 1.9500 then a big selling sentiment would be appear by tomorrow. dont use the MA 34 crossing to enter the market, the long and neither the short.


problem with my internet connetion

i cant open my blog since Tuesday, and neither some other sites. i was post on Tuesday in panick since i had problem to get access to my blog. i should mention on my Tuesday post that the trade strategy on Monday post is still says go short in 1.9600 if the price reached 1.9680 area.

okay....let see
looks like 1.9500 level is a sacred number, its blocked 5 times since May. i saw cable forming a head and shoulder right now and possible to reach 1.9700-1.9899 area. the price is in 1.9609 at the time i write this, i suggest we go long today using MA 34 with m15 time frame to enter the market, take 1.9645 as first target and 1.9750 as a second target. dont forget to replace the stop loss to break even point after u get 30-50 pips profit.

happy trade :-)

                          HEAD AND SHOULDERS

                       SACRED AND FORBIDDEN

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


let see......
we all can see that the news are support cable to go higher this week. the news today also sustain cable to go higher, i think today we should be careful to take some long positions. personally i'm not tale a trade today but i have some recommendation. take a long at 1.9703 and put 1.9650 as a stop, take only 30-50 pips only today coz i saw some resistance in 1.9730 and 1.9750 area.

all we can do in forex market is anticipate

Monday, June 16, 2008

close all

close all two long entry positions 1.9503 and 1.9603 at1.9593

let it float

in this case.....better let our long in 1.9503 floated. we wait for a red candle to showed up in 4 hour time frame. dont forget to change the stop level to our entry point, from 1.9450 to 1.9503 just after we get +50 point.

this week scenario

overall the trend is a down........i saw cable wanna touch the 9250 level this week so we should look for the best short positions.he looks need to gathering some power to go up at first before he go down.the resistant levels i saw is in 1.9560,if he break the 1.9600 level he had possibility to go up till 1.9680 level.1.9800 is a big resistant,if he break that level the down trend is halted for a while.

the strategy for this week is buy in 1.9500 level and ofcourse plus the brokers my broker i buy it for 1.9503. take the 1.9450 level as a stop and 1.9560 as the first target.
we can put pending order to go long cable at 1.9603 level and 1.9550 as a stop. if 1.9603 is hard to break we should had an anticipation to sell it in 1.9550 and float it to the 1.9250 area.

if cable already in upper levels...we should thing about selling levels,i thing about selling at 1.9500 if he only go not higher than 1.9600.i would sell in 1.9600 after he go up to 1.9680.and the last to do is float our short positions till 1.9250 area.

the other scenario that can happen is cable go down directly this week without take some retracement to go upper. anticipate that to put short pending order in 1.9400 and 1.9453 as stop level.

dont forget to change your stops level after ge get 30-50 pips profit, change it to the place where u take the entry level, just in case.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is an Elliont pattern in 1,2,3