Friday, August 01, 2008


Sorry i to those who visiting my blog, i cant post my analysis today coz i'v been busy. Hope you all had a nice trades today, have a nice weekend.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Ordinary Trader

Another mispredict yesterday but glad there is no crossing by the EMA34.
Candlestick was play a trick on me and maybe to most traders. There was a hammer showed up yesterday on 4H TF but it doesnt go up after, well this is why forex market called the wildest market.
Today i saw cable is about to create an upside down-head and shoulder formation, you can see that on 1H TF. Stochastic doesnt cross yet on 4H TF so upward is my fave today.

Todays strategy:
-go long using EMA34 on 1H TF, take 50-100 pips profit and set 30 pips stoploss.
-if u loosing some momentum, take some snack using stoch533 at M15 TF just dont forget that the stoch533 at 4H TF already at the crossing border and dont forget to move the stoploss when the profit already run.

Happy Trades


really looks weightened

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I know im just an ordinary trader but a wrong prediction really shake my selfconfidence.
My expectation yesterday was wrong, thought that he gonna ran high to 2.0 before he drag lower but market says different.
I guess that i need to learn how to deal with, I guess all currency traders feel the same way.
The price looks clearly swinging on past couple days so i guess he would do the same today.
Cable could run higher than 1.9900 today so the strategy is looking for a good price to go long, using EMA34 or Stochs at 1H TF is okay, hunting small pips using stochs at M15 TF also okay.

Happy Trending


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hammer showed up in D1 TF and usually proceed with a bullish candle after, EMA34 was crossing yesterday so its a little bit chance to get another cross up by the EMAs so i suggest to go long using stochastic533 at 1H TF with the target at 2.0000, close the order when a crossing down showed up

resistance at 2.0

Monday, July 28, 2008


This is the last week of month, on the last 6 month the price always comes back to 1.9800 area so cable have possibility to do the same usual last 6 month thing go back to 1.9800 area in this last week of July.
Not easy to make some forecast today coz there is a nice curve showed on D1 TF and its looks weightened. I'll wait for todays price closed, if the price didn't break the last week low then i'll thing about an upward otherwise if he break the last week low then i'll think about a downward.
Closing at 1.9800 in the end of month still be my assumption, it looks nice to swing up to 2.0 area before he closed at 1.9800 area.

close at 1.9800 area?