Friday, June 20, 2008

strategy update

its more risky to take a short right now. dont take the short at 1.9700 today better do thatnext week......if u still wanna take a short, use MA34 to entry.

Have a Nice Weekend

interesting day

Today could be interesting, the weekly range not more than 300 point so it have some room to going north and i still keep in mind that 1.9800 level is the upper limit (range vs resistance). i think 1.9760-1.9775 area are the limit for today.

Strategy of the day:
-go long using MA 34 crosing after 9 am (european time zone). take 1.9670 as stoploss, 1.9760 as first target and 1.9775 as a second target.
-after he reach 1.9760-1.9775 area set for short pending order in 1.9700 place 1.9753 as a stop and take 50-100 pips profit.
-if he reached 1.9800 and hold on that area for about half or an hour then bullish could be setup for next week. unless the chart create triple top at 1.9800 it would be drop down for cable and if this happened....we should take a short in 1.9700.

Happy Trade


Thursday, June 19, 2008

another thought

i have another thought this time........1.9500 maybe too far from current price but if the price go down to 1.9630 or even break 1.9500 then a big selling sentiment would be appear by tomorrow. dont use the MA 34 crossing to enter the market, the long and neither the short.


problem with my internet connetion

i cant open my blog since Tuesday, and neither some other sites. i was post on Tuesday in panick since i had problem to get access to my blog. i should mention on my Tuesday post that the trade strategy on Monday post is still says go short in 1.9600 if the price reached 1.9680 area.

okay....let see
looks like 1.9500 level is a sacred number, its blocked 5 times since May. i saw cable forming a head and shoulder right now and possible to reach 1.9700-1.9899 area. the price is in 1.9609 at the time i write this, i suggest we go long today using MA 34 with m15 time frame to enter the market, take 1.9645 as first target and 1.9750 as a second target. dont forget to replace the stop loss to break even point after u get 30-50 pips profit.

happy trade :-)

                          HEAD AND SHOULDERS

                       SACRED AND FORBIDDEN

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


let see......
we all can see that the news are support cable to go higher this week. the news today also sustain cable to go higher, i think today we should be careful to take some long positions. personally i'm not tale a trade today but i have some recommendation. take a long at 1.9703 and put 1.9650 as a stop, take only 30-50 pips only today coz i saw some resistance in 1.9730 and 1.9750 area.

all we can do in forex market is anticipate

Monday, June 16, 2008

close all

close all two long entry positions 1.9503 and 1.9603 at1.9593

let it float

in this case.....better let our long in 1.9503 floated. we wait for a red candle to showed up in 4 hour time frame. dont forget to change the stop level to our entry point, from 1.9450 to 1.9503 just after we get +50 point.

this week scenario

overall the trend is a down........i saw cable wanna touch the 9250 level this week so we should look for the best short positions.he looks need to gathering some power to go up at first before he go down.the resistant levels i saw is in 1.9560,if he break the 1.9600 level he had possibility to go up till 1.9680 level.1.9800 is a big resistant,if he break that level the down trend is halted for a while.

the strategy for this week is buy in 1.9500 level and ofcourse plus the brokers my broker i buy it for 1.9503. take the 1.9450 level as a stop and 1.9560 as the first target.
we can put pending order to go long cable at 1.9603 level and 1.9550 as a stop. if 1.9603 is hard to break we should had an anticipation to sell it in 1.9550 and float it to the 1.9250 area.

if cable already in upper levels...we should thing about selling levels,i thing about selling at 1.9500 if he only go not higher than 1.9600.i would sell in 1.9600 after he go up to 1.9680.and the last to do is float our short positions till 1.9250 area.

the other scenario that can happen is cable go down directly this week without take some retracement to go upper. anticipate that to put short pending order in 1.9400 and 1.9453 as stop level.

dont forget to change your stops level after ge get 30-50 pips profit, change it to the place where u take the entry level, just in case.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is an Elliont pattern in 1,2,3