Friday, July 04, 2008

Un-Spirited Week

I guess cable closed around 1.9825 area for this week so its range 211 points. The bullish will proceed on the next week unless 1.9700 is broken.

Have a Nice Weekend



Personally i felt lil bit tired or bored with this uptrend, but i should continue on focusing to the technical. Technically he had to go to 1.9770 area before continuing the uptrend and break the 2.000 support. It's more risky to take a short right now, probably i'll wait for the bounce after he touch some support arround 1.9770 area and enter the market using EMA34 at M15 TF or another case happens i would go long using EMA34 at 1H TF.

Happy Trade



Thursday, July 03, 2008

Super Thursday

ECB will release the Minimum Bid Rate today and NFP data follow later. Both data are negative for the Dollar but i still focusing on cable retrace to 1.9780 area. As long as 2.0 is hold i will looking for a nice place to go south. Still i use the EMA 34 crossing on1H TF to enter the market.

Have a Nice Trade


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


He could go higher to 2.0200 but he need to retrace first before he do that, i saw resistance at 2.0050, if he break this level then this bullish trend can be quite long for cable.
1.9900 looks good to be the entry position to shorting but i use EMA34 and EMA1 crossing at 1 H time frame and wait for a clear cross to enter.....if the EMAs not cross yet while the price go down near the 1.9900 then i'll pending my order there with the target 50-100 pips.