Friday, August 08, 2008

Biggest Range

Its the biggest range since June-26-2006 and now cable running near monthly trendline support and 50% fibo. Hope u all had some nice shorts today.

Have a Nice Weekend,


Multi Month Low

After 7 month hanging around in 1.9800 area at last cable desided to go south, cable smacked down into 1.9270 and ranged 168 points. This is the lowest since March 2007.
The Room are already fulfilled and there is no room left on this week so i think its gonna sideway for a while. We'll see whats gonna happen on Europe session. I guess im gonna search some snacks today shorting.

have no clues

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Could be a bad time to take a trade around 1.9500, cable is oversold now and can pulled up back in any time. Usually makes some side ways price action before the price move up and side ways can makes some false signals.
Better dont take a trade untill supports clearly formated, in fact once i have some bad trades around 1.9500. I'm affraid it will be repeat again. Better step away but still he have some room for about 50 points lower.
I dont have a thought about the direction right now.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Testing 1.9500 Support Area

Leaving two trading days makes me loosing some big trades.I'v been out of the town.
Thanks to Ashley and Sav for the comment and visiting my blog.

to Ashley : sorry i gave the same joke to Sav :-D, i'll give another funny comments.
to Sav : absolutely, no jokes with the cross.

Back to the business.Lets see, the price drop more than 200 points since the last i saw the chart.
Now its range 238 points on weekly so its still have room for another 50-100 to the down stairs.
The price came back to multi times good support area in 1.9500 and trendline is also pointing that area so cable have probability bounce after reached 1.9500 area.
With this curve like in D1 chart, i dont have the clues where its gonna stop drowning. Unless some clear support arround 1.9500 showed up.

My favorite for today is going north

we'll see whats gonna happen in 1.9500 area