Thursday, July 10, 2008

Suspicious W1 candle

Hangingman created if the price close above 1.9850 in the end of this week. I saw cable targeting 1.9910 area today so im gonna go long using EMA34 cross at M15 TF.

Happy Trending


well supported at 1.9700

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Get worse before they get better.....may improve by 2009"

Feds Yellen statement yesterday looks like made some over reacting by the traders. I dont have any presumption about continuing to buy sterlings today but any upward looks good to be resisted at 1.9800 and 1.9900 area. I should be more careful today. Maybe i should step away just like yesterday but it would be a good scenario if EMA 34 crossing up and then crossing again down maybe thats a good time to take a short and maybe i should take a part if only velocity occure. All of it are espect to be happens on 1 hour time frame. Shorting at 1.9700 would be nice but i wont take lots of profit if im doing that.

Have a Nice Trade


Monday, July 07, 2008

G8 Meeting

I dont know what rumours behind cable downward in this whole asian session, is it because of the G8 meeting?I dont have any clue yet but still i analize the technical.
Current price are in 1.9751 area and looks like its going south and more south but as long as 1.9700 support not broken, the uptrend will proceed to try break the 2.000 resistance.
I better step away from the market and just wait and see whats gonna happens till tomorrow but if there are some velocity showed around an upward then im gonna go long using EMA 34 at 1 H TF and close the order when the EMA lines crossed over again and open another order, a short one.

Happy Trending